College Basketball Game Delayed Due To Elevator Incident

گیر افتادن بازیکنان بسکتبال در آسانسور

Imagine getting ready for a big basketball game, only to find yourself stuck in an elevator. That’s exactly what happened to the Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights as they were on their way to play against LIU Brooklyn. The team’s journey to the court was unexpectedly halted when the elevator they were in malfunctioned, causing a delay in the game’s tipoff.

Key Takeaway

The Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights faced a delay in their basketball game after getting stuck in an elevator, but they overcame the obstacle and emerged victorious with an 84-82 win.

Stuck in the Elevator

The incident took place at the Wellness Center in Brookville, New York. The Knights, who were supposed to be making their way from the locker room to the court, found themselves trapped in the elevator for about 15 minutes. Firefighters eventually came to their rescue, freeing the players from the confined space.

Overcoming the Obstacle

Despite the unexpected setback, the Knights managed to put the incident behind them and went on to secure a remarkable 84-82 come-from-behind victory. It’s worth noting that the team opted for the stairs for the remainder of the evening, showing resilience and determination to carry on with the game.

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