Cabin is the specialized medium of the elevator and escalator industry. This media tries to inform the news, information and latest technology of this industry.

 “Cabin” media strives to introduce elevator and escalator industry professionals to each other in the Middle East region to create broad grounds for further interactions, technology transfer, export, trade.

  The high quality of Iranian products in the elevator and escalator industry in recent years has attracted many good customers in the region and Iran’s neighbors to use these products. “Cabin” media can be a reliable bridge between businessmen, activists in the field of construction industry to communicate with Iranian manufacturers and companies.

  At the cabin, with the help of Badanesh specialists, we try to publish news and information in this field in a specialized manner and to serve elevator companies, manufacturers, merchants and other audiences interested in the knowledge of elevators and escalators by producing suitable content in various formats.

 Cabin audience:

Technical engineering companies installing and equipping elevators and escalators

Elevator parts trading companies

Companies producing elevator parts

Mass builders and builders

Professors, students and researchers in elevator-related fields

Elevator users

Elevator insurance companies

Technical experts and elevator and escalator service providers

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