Does an Elevator Failure Mean That the Elevator is Unsafe?

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With the rise of flat ground in high-rise buildings, elevators have entered people’s lives. People have personally experienced the safety hazards such as elevator shut down, failure to stop the elevator, or have seen reports. The elevator technical structure is complex, the shaft is deep, the car is narrow, failures are not uncommon, and accidents occur from time to time…

Ordinary citizens will inevitably have panic and doubts about the safety of elevators. Is the elevator safe?

When Trapped in an Elevator, Kicking the Door is a Very Dangerous Action

In daily life, many people often operate in violation of regulations when using elevators: operating buttons indiscriminately, forcing the elevator to overtime, transporting decoration garbage, throwing debris, or hitting the elevator when carrying heavy objects such as furniture or building materials, or squeezing in when overloaded Press all the floor buttons… In fact, these are dangerous operations.

Hosting technicians remind everyone that actions such as door kicking are very dangerous actions, which can cause elevators to stop suddenly, malfunction, and cause personal injury. These are actions that must not be done. Behaviours such as smoking, jumping in the elevator car, and violations of elevator safety rules are likely to cause safety hazards.

Do Not Run the Elevator with Problems Due to Cost

The safe operation of passenger elevators is related to the safety of people’s lives and property. 80% of the safety of elevators depends on normal maintenance.

With the rapid increase in the number of elevators and maintenance personnel, maintenance units are facing new challenges in the management of daily elevator maintenance work.

At present, elevator maintenance is faced with property companies considering cost expenditures, and many elevator parts cannot be replaced in time, causing elevators to run with problems; many property companies have not established a sound management system, management organization and management personnel in accordance with the “Special Equipment Use Management Rules”, The safety education of users and publicity of elevator safe use knowledge did not meet the specified requirements.

The Elevator Power Supply is Basically a Single Loop Power Supply

Elevator power supply is basically a single loop power supply. Therefore, the elevator does not have a backup power source that can rely on the grid to supply power. A few elevators are equipped with emergency levelling devices after power failure. When the power supply system is out of power, the emergency levelling device relies on the electric energy of its own battery to supply power to the elevator, so that the nearest level of the elevator or the levelling of the first floor. By opening the door, passengers can evacuate in time to avoid being trapped in the car.

However, this set of devices requires tens of thousands of funds, and some national regulations and standards do not require installation, so there are not many installations. And some have been installed, due to the lack of normal maintenance, many have been damaged. This device is especially necessary in residential areas or public places where elevator usage is large.

Will There Be a Lack of Oxygen Inside the Elevator?

In the elevator trapping incident, many passengers who were rescued expressed that they had difficulty breathing in varying degrees. There are rumours that this is due to the long time trapped and the decrease in oxygen content in the elevator.

“Each elevator is equipped with vents before leaving the factory. Even if the ventilators are not working, the car and the outside air are still connected, and the amount of oxygen is sure to be sufficient, so there will be no hypoxia.” Trapped persons experienced a rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing The phenomenon is caused by factors such as fear and high tension.

The Elevator Fell out of Control, It Was Reset

Many people worry about the elevator suddenly “stopping”, falling out of control, and suddenly falling during operation. In fact, although “elevator falling” is a common fault, the elevator does not actually fall.

“The technical term for this situation is called a slide. When the elevator detects a system failure during operation, it will reset to the base station position at the inspection speed. In fact, the principle of restarting the computer is the same.” Leveling sensor Errors, unstable voltage, sudden opening and closing of door locks (such as violent jumps of passengers), etc. will cause “slides”. The locations of base stations for elevators with different prices and different performances are also somewhat different. Most elevators have base stations on the ground floor, and some elevators with more advanced technology may “brake” nearby.

It is understood that there are generally two situations of “elevator falling”: First, the elevator stops suddenly during operation. Generally, this situation is caused by the disconnection of the safety circuit or the door lock circuit during operation, which causes the elevator to stop. Second, when the elevator fails during operation, it automatically returns to the base station to reset, which is misunderstood by most people as “the elevator falls down.

The above are the elevator failures that we may encounter, but these failures do not mean that the elevator is unsafe. So don’t panic when you encounter it in the future, and keep calm.

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