Elevator Modernization: Price Guide

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Elevator modernization, sometimes called elevator equipment replacement, refers to the comprehensive upgrade of the key mechanical equipment of the elevator. Most commonly, this means installing or retrofitting new equipment throughout the elevator. Elevators can be modernized without changing their appearance.

Why is elevator modernization important?

Elevator modernization is very important to ensure passenger safety. Among other things, modernizing elevators will make them faster, more efficient and allow them to integrate with modern technology. This is especially important for “smart” building automation systems. Modernizing is also a great way to give your elevator a new look.

How often do elevators need to be modernized?

The recommended service life of commercial elevators is influenced by several variables. Who made the elevator? How is it maintained? How much is it used? What are the working conditions? As a rule of thumb, the service life of commercial elevators is about 20 years. However, some elevators last for over 50 years, while others need modernization after only 10 years.

Is it time to modernize my elevator?

While functioning elevators are often taken for granted, everyone is quick to comment on a slow or broken elevator. If your elevator breaks down frequently, has long wait times, or looks aging, it may be time for a modernization. The best way to find out if your elevator needs a modernization is to contact an industry expert. Start by consulting with the company that performs the annual elevator inspection. Elevator modernization is costly, so consider multiple bids for your project before selecting a vendor.

Elevator carinterior cost

The elevator car is (hopefully) the only part your tenants and their guests can see. There’s nothing more frustrating than stepping out of a gorgeous new lobby and into a 30-year-old elevator.

A new taxi doesn’t come cheap. About 15 percent of an elevator modernization budget may be spent on upgrading elevator cars. This is mainly because the materials used have to be not only durable but also attractive. The type of material used must be able to withstand constant abuse and movement. the

Elevator car upgrades are generally never a requirement for elevator modernization, and if cost reduction is your main goal, you can remove the car upgrade from the modernization effort entirely. the

Cost Reduction Strategies Not upgrading elevator cars is the most obvious way to reduce costs. However, there are still opportunities to install cheap elevator car interiors. the

While custom elevator car interiors require expensive materials and take longer to install (high labor costs), there are some elevator car interior companies that offer standard prefabricated elevator interior kits. Standard packages help reduce material costs and installation time (lower labor costs). the

Hydraulic ElevatorModernization Costs

Hydraulic elevators are commonly used to transport people and goods to nine floors or less. Traditional hydraulic elevator systems use hydraulic pistons/jacks to push the elevator up. Major hydraulic elevator components can be retained to reduce costs. Cost Reduction Strategies Check the list with a pro, but if you can save on the elevator car interior, upgrade the controls, and keep some of the individual components listed below, you can save a lot of money. the

Elevator Modernization Checklist:

Here is a quick checklist of things to consider when modernizing your hydraulic elevator:

Power Plant – Tests the ability of an existing plant to handle a range of operating pressures. This will let you know if the power unit needs updating.

Valve – While not an expensive item, it may have been replaced or upgraded recently. the

Cylinders – Cylinders can last for decades. If you can keep the one you have, it can save a lot of money on modernization. Replacing hydraulic cylinders is an expensive item. of

Gate Controller – As an investment in reliability, the gate controller may have been upgraded recently. These can all be kept.

Traction elevator modernization costs

Traction elevators tend to be used and then modernized more frequently to improve performance and enhance safety. Whether geared or not, the entire body of the elevator should be inspected, cleaned, and updated if needed. As with hydraulics, the cost of modernizing a traction elevator usually boils down to how many elevators need to be replaced. Cost Reduction Strategies Check the list with a pro, but if you can save the elevator car interior, upgrade the controls, and keep the hoist, you can save a lot of money.

Elevator Modernization Checklist:

Here is a quick checklist of things to consider when modernizing your traction elevator:

  • Traction machines

    Typically hoists can be directly refurbished. These machines are extremely robust and will last for decades.

    • Check out any of the refurbished:
    • Turning and Bottom Switching Diverters
    • Replace the brush holder
    • Test and Trim Coils
    • replace the bearing
    • Cleaning, Resealing, Relining and Adjusting Brakes
  • Hoist Motors

    On gear or drum elevators, a typical elevator modernization is an upgrade to a modern AC motor and a new AC drive.

  • Motor Generator Sets

    These generators do not exist on modern elevators, but they were common before the 1980s. Usually, they need to be cleaned and the brushes replaced.

  • Buffers

    Elevator buffers wear or bounce to slow oil leaks. However, they can be kept if they are in good condition. the

  • Guide shoes and safety devices

    Both of which can be upgraded and updated to keep the elevator running safely and smoothly.

  • Brake Components

    These units typically only need to be refurbished and updated at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

  • Rope Brake

    A relatively modern safety device that is now required in some areas.

  • Car Sling

    This particular section of the elevator has few moving parts, but does require maintenance. Often, this part of the elevator can be kept rather than replaced.

  • Speed ​​limiter

    This safety device should be checked and maintained regularly. All you need to do is make sure it complies with the code.

  • Weights, frame and padding

    These are all simple to maintain and usually do not need to be replaced.

  • Gate Controller

    As an investment in reliability, the gate controller may have been upgraded recently. These can all be kept. the

Licensing and Inspection Fees

Some of the unavoidable costs of elevator and escalator modernization are permits and inspections. No matter how much you need to upgrade, licenses and inspections are required. the

By using a well-respected company to do the job, the process can be streamlined simply because building inspectors are familiar with their work. Still, these are costs to consider with any modernization.

Other Fees/Non-Elevator Work

There are other factors to consider around the elevator modernization process. Many of these are building code issues or electrical systems, which may not be part of the code and price of elevator modernization. This may be an additional cost. Reviewing these issues before beginning any elevator modernization can save a lot of time and money.

  • Does the elevator use emergency power now? How will it work after modernization?
  • Does the computer room need air conditioning?
  • Can the current electrical system handle the new elevator drive system?
  • Is there any non-elevator equipment in the elevator machine room that needs to be removed?
  • What changes, if any, are required to the shaft, machine room or pit to accommodate the new equipment?
  • Is the elevator properly wired to the fire alarm system?
  • Reviewing all of these considerations can go a long way towards a smooth elevator modernization.

When is the right time to modernize your elevator?

The answer is simple: If elevator breakdowns are inconveniencing you, or worse, endangering your tenants, it’s time to invest in elevator modernization. The timetable for elevator modernization varies for each elevator. The purpose and type of elevator will determine the service life of the elevator.

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