Top 10 Elevator Manufacturers in China 2023

تولید کننده برتر آسانسور چین

The Asia-Pacific region is the region with the largest elevator production and consumption, and China has always been the world’s largest elevator production and consumption country. Many internationally renowned elevator brands have established wholly-owned or joint-stock companies there, and there are also many outstanding elevator manufacturers in China. Today, we will discuss China’s top 10 best elevator manufacturers.

We have listed the top ten tallest buildings in the world and their elevator manufacturers, you can refer to them if you are choosing the right supplier for your building: Top 10 Tallest Building Elevators’ Brands 2022

Kone China

elevator manufacturer

Main Product: Various specifications of elevators and escalators, moving walks

Address: 8A88 Shanghai Mart, 2299 Yan An Rd(W) Shanghai, PC 200336

Tel: +86-21-2201 2222

Fax: +86-21-2201 2111


Company Profile

KONE is a world-renowned elevator manufacturer, and KONE’s mission is to improve the flow of urban life. KONE fully understands the flow of people within and between buildings to make people’s journey safe, convenient and reliable. In 2017, KONE’s annual net sales were 8.9 billion Euros, with more than 55,000 employees at the end of the year. KONE Class B shares are listed on the Finnish Nasdaq Helsinki Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.

Main Product: Vertical elevators, escalators, moving walks and smart buildings

Address: 62nd Floor, Office Building, CITIC Plaza, 233 Tianhe North Road, Guangzhou


Fax: (020)39908001


Company Profile

Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. As the largest overseas elevator base of Hitachi Group, the company has been committed to technological innovation for many years to adapt to the Chinese market and fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR). And it has Asia’s largest elevator R&D center in Guangzhou. So far, Hitachi’s comprehensive strength has been ranked among the top three in the industry for many consecutive years, and ranked among the top 500 foreign-invested enterprises in China.

TK Elevator China

Main Product: Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks

Address: No. 2, Xunye Rd, Sheshan Subarea Songjiang Industrial Area, Shanghai 201602, P. R. China

Tel: (86) 21 5707 6888

Fax: (86) 21 3701 0633


Company Profile

As a world-renowned elevator manufacturer, TK Elevator’s leading engineering technology in the elevator industry is backed by a strong manufacturing business to ensure that it provides high-quality mobile solutions on time. Three manufacturing plants in China are located in Shanghai and Zhongshan, producing and delivering elevators, escalators and moving walks to customers in China and other parts of the world. As part of TK Elevator’s global production network, modern workshops make full use of advanced German technology and strong manufacturing technology.

Ningbo Hosting Elevator Co., Ltd.

Main Product: Passenger Elevator, Home Elevator, Panoramic Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Freight Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks

Address: Dongwu Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: +86 13082910878


Company Profile

Hosting Elevator is the top elevator brand in China. Founded in 1993, it is one of the top ten elevator brands in China. With a huge production base, it can accept customized production and provide modern elevator services. Hosting Elevator’s products meet the strict standards of many countries in the world. Hosting Elevator always follows the market demand and wins the trust of global users with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

General Elevator Co., Ltd.

Main Product: Passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators, moving walks, small machine room elevators and machine room-less elevators

Address: Qidu Development Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou City

Tel: 400-8899-683


Company Profile

General Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. General Elevator adopts advanced elevator technology, introduces world-leading production equipment such as CNC machining equipment, automatic welding robots, CNC bending machines, automatic car wall and door panel production lines, and is fully upgraded to Internet + intelligence The factory has entered the age of Industry 4.0. GENERAL products sell well all over the world, and have established good partnerships with customers in more than 40 countries and regions. GENERAL provides passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators, moving walks, small machine room elevators and machine room-less elevators. GENERAL also provides a variety of customized products.


Main Product: Elevators, escalators, moving walks

Address: No. 888, Kangli Avenue, High-tech Development Zone, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Tel: 400-188-2367


Company Profile

Founded in 1997, CANNY Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern professional elevator company

integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, engineering and service. CE certification, Russian EAC certification, German TUV certification. The products developed by CANNY Elevator cover the escalator market which accounts for more than 99% of the total market capacity, focusing on residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, shopping centers, rail transit hubs and other places.

Main Product: Passenger Lift, Observation Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Villa Elevator, Freight Elevator, Escalator&Autowalks

Address: No.999, Badu Lingang Development Zone(Fenglin Bay), Zhenze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Tel: +86-512-63825395


Company Profile

SAIL Intelligent Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a Chinese -foreign cooperative enterprise whose business integrates development, production, manufacture, installation, and maintenance service. The company is located in Badu economic development zone, Wujiang District, an important industry park in Suzhou. With the spirit of good faith, good quality, and good gumption, Sail Elevator has been the giant of the Chinese intelligent elevator industry.

Mitsubishi ELECTRIC

Main Product: Elevators, escalators, moving walks

Address: No. 1211, Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Tel: 86-21-3409-3048


Company Profile

Inazawa Works has expanded its business scope to a reliable network of 79 countries/regions. The elevators and escalators of the Mitsubishi Electric brand have become a symbol of quality and reliability in almost every corner of the world. Strive to meet the unique requirements of each market while surpassing customer expectations. Therefore, technology partnerships have been signed with many local companies to ensure that the latest technology, customer satisfaction and passenger comfort are delivered to the deepest part of the earth.

Huzhou Fuji Elevator Co.,Ltd.

Main Product: Passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, hospital bed elevators, freight elevators, hydraulic elevators, car elevators, small machine room elevators, machine room-less elevators, home elevators, sundries elevators, escalators, moving walks


Tel: 0086-137 5420 2610

Website: No. 1878, Xunzhi Road, Nanxun Economic Development Zone, Nanxun Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

Company Profile

As a professional elevator company, Fuji Elevator has a complete set of advanced manufacturing and processing equipment and complete testing equipment, and comprehensively introduces more advanced elevator control technology to ensure product technology and industry standards. Fuji Elevator has a wide range of products. Can meet the different requirements of different users. The product range covers passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, bed elevators, freight elevators, hydraulic elevators, car elevators, small machine room elevators, machine room-less elevators, home elevators, sundries elevators, escalators, and moving walks. High-quality service guarantees excellent product performance. In order to meet the needs of different regions, different users and different levels, the company has established a one-stop efficient work system from elevator design, manufacturing, installation, transformation, and maintenance.

Suzhou Towards Elevator Co., Ltd.

Main Product: Elevator, Escalator

Address: West Nanhuan Road, Port Development Part, Taicang, jiangsu, China

Tel: +86 512 6748 2545


Company Profile

Towards Elevator is an excellent elevator manufacturer in China. Relying on Italian technology and international advanced management, manufacturing and service platforms, Towards Elevator has established the entire production chain from elevator and escalator product research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and modernization. Technology-oriented, safety, protection, and comfort are the primary goals.

The above is our list of China’s top ten elevator manufacturers for you. If you are interested, you can make a horizontal comparison and choose the right partner for you.

If you have more questions, you can visit our website or contact us, we will provide you with the latest consultation and solutions.

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