Apex Lifts To Again Participate in U.K. Housing Sector Event

حضور مجدد Apex Lifts در رویداد بخش مسکن بریتانیا

Apex Lift & Escalator Engineers is a sponsor, as well as an exhibitor, at the South East Consortium’s (SEC) 2023 annual event on November 1 at the London Stadium in London, U.K. The event brings together a variety of suppliers and clients across the housing sector, such as housing associations, local authorities and commercial organizations, along with contractors and consultants from the SEC’s frameworks and wider network. This is the third year Apex Lifts will be exhibiting at the event. Exhibiting at SEC2023 provides unique access to colleagues, networking and exchanges with potential clientele. According to Ellie Park, marketing and communications partner for SEC, the event will bring together 600 delegates along with 30 speakers over three stages.

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