9 people stuck in an elevator for hours rescued from New Brunswick parking garage

نجات 9 فرد گیر افتاده در آسانسور از پارکینک ساختمان New Brunswick
Nine people were rescued Monday morning after being stuck in an elevator in New Brunswick for hours.
The group told News 12 New Jersey that they became stuck in the Wellness Plaza Garage by the train station around 6:40 a.m. Tom Luisi said him and eight others hovered at the third until the group got out of the elevator around 9 a.m.
“We started riding the elevator down to the first floor and it made like a jump and a bang and a big stop,” Luisi said.
Luisi said he rides that elevator every day and has not had problems with it before. He said they called for help right away and were told by the fire department that they were not able to get to the door because the elevator was stuck between two floors. He said elevator techs were responding.
News 12 reached out to the elevator techs, but they had no comment.
“We pressed the button for the elevator and nothing happened. And then a maintenance man and firefighter were there, and they did something with the door and opened up the shaft and you could see the roof of the elevator. And they did something to pry the doors open,” said attorney Dede Ducan, who was in the elevator at the time.
“I used to have an absolute fear of elevators when I was fresh out of college. I would walk up and down 19 flights because I was so afraid of elevators,” Ducan said.
The nine people who were stuck in the elevator were able to get out and went right to work, News 12 was told. Everyone is doing OK.

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