Apex Lifts Wins 2023 RoSPA

شرکت آسانسور Apex برنده ی جایزه RoSPA سال 2023

Apex Lifts has been awarded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) award for health and safety for another consecutive year. This includes the RoSPA President’s Award, which Apex Lifts has held for 14 years. Apex Lifts receives this award following more than a decade of achievements, working hard to ensure company health and safety are continuously maintained to the highest standard. Organizations receiving a RoSPA Award are recognized as being world leaders in health and safety practice. Every year, nearly 2,000 entrants from nearly 50 countries vie to achieve accolades from these long-running health and safety industry awards. The health and safety awards are global and open to teams and companies from anywhere in the world. RoSPA is a not-for-profit organization that has worked for more than 100 years to help people recognize and reduce their risk of accidents, at home, on the road, at work and at leisure. The group’s goal is to enable everyone to live their lives to the full, safely.

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