Outdoor Elevator: What You Need to Know

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Elevators have gone through a century of development, and elevators used in various environments and uses have undergone long-term development. Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention to life and travel experience. Therefore, more and more outdoor elevators with excellent design appear in our lives. So what are the types and types of outdoor elevators, and what should we pay attention to when choosing?

What is an outside elevator

Outdoor elevator

As the name suggests, an outdoor elevator is an elevator installed outside a building. The demand for outside elevators is quite large, and the installation environment is very wide. It may be installed in one’s own house, or it may be installed in a mountain.

Types of outside Elevators

  • Home outdoor elevator

    Outdoor elevators and outdoor lifts are a sturdy and safe option for residential locations such as homes and vacation homes. However, individual home dwellings often have different designs, sometimes vastly different, so home outside elevators often need to be customized.

    Outdoor stair lifts can withstand the harsh outside elements in high and low temperatures. First, the outdoor stair lift rails are anodized or powdercoated to protect this large piece from sun and water damage, rust and other signs of wear. In addition, each outdoor stair lift chair is made of heavy duty waterproof material. Further protection comes in the form of vinyl or canvas covers. A cover protects the electronic components from moisture when the machine is not in use.

  • Sightseeing Outdoor Elevator

    Passenger elevators and sightseeing elevators are common types of outdoor elevators. It is usually found in large commercial buildings and scenic spots, providing customers with faster service and improving performance, and providing passengers with a better scenic experience.

    Outdoor elevators in shopping malls are usually attached to the building, while some sightseeing elevators are inside and outside the building, and some are in various complex geological environments. Although the scenery is repaired, it brings greater installation difficulties.

Conditions to consider when choosing an outdoor elevator

External elevator

  • Space Availability

    Often when buying an elevator for your building and home, you need to take into account the size of your space and you need to make room for it, especially indoors. When choosing an outdoor elevator, you also need to consider this issue. Generally speaking, the elevator space of an outdoor elevator can be more spacious.

    Installing an indoor elevator will require more interior space because you have to make room for it. You have to adjust the layout slightly to accommodate the new addition. An outside elevator is not required.

    For home elevators, if you’re short on space in your home, or just don’t want to lose any precious square footage, an outdoor elevator might be a good option for you, since you don’t have to allocate any interior space to free up installation space.

    For sightseeing passenger elevators, your outdoor elevator can bring a better riding experience, and then passengers can appreciate the scenery outside the elevator more, and enhance the value of your property.

  • Aesthetic preferences and overall convenience

    As the name suggests, outside elevators are installed on the outside of your building. Installation requires very little internal structure, minimizing disturbance throughout the process, as there is no need to move pipes, ductwork or electrical works to accommodate the new elevator. Using an outside elevator, the convenience will be improved to a certain extent, but the overall aesthetic needs to be carefully considered.

  • Local weather

    When you’re deciding between indoor or outdoor elevators, it’s important to consider the weather in your area. While an outside elevator can withstand normal weather fluctuations, if you live in a climate with harsh or extreme conditions, such as a long snowy winter, an indoor elevator would be a better choice.

    In addition, the height of some sightseeing elevators is very high. To take into account the weather problem more strictly, please be sure to investigate in detail with your partner.

  • Device Protection

    Installing an outdoor elevator means that your elevator equipment will be exposed to wind and sun, so for the normal operation and overall beauty of the equipment, when choosing an outdoor elevator, you must pay attention to the protection measures for the elevator and the elevator maintenance service provided by the elevator manufacturer .

  • Elevator Manufacturer Capabilities

    There is a big difficulty in the installation of outdoor elevators: basically the conditions and environments of all installation locations are different, which means that each outside elevator needs to be inspected and installed separately. Therefore, the competence of the elevator manufacturer you work with is very important.

Install the best outdoor elevator for your building

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