List of 7 Best Escalator Manufacturers(2023 update)

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Are you looking for a suitable escalator manufacturer for cooperation? The application scenarios of escalators are very wide. Choosing a suitable escalator manufacturer to purchase can get very big benefits. Today we will discuss the 7 best escalator manufacturers in the world.


Company Profile

Otis elevator manufacturer is a leading elevator and escalator manufacturer. The manufacturer is the first manufacturer to develop an elevator safety system. They have the largest product portfolio, and you will find many popular buildings and the busiest transportation hubs and retail sectors, where you will find Otis escalators.

TK Elevator

Company Profile

ThyssenKrupp’s elevator department ranks quite high in the manufacturer’s queue, and escalators are one of the choices of many customers in Europe and the United States. TK is engaged in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of escalators, elevators and moving walks. The manufacturer has nearly 1, 00,000 employees worldwide. They have a home market, a real estate market, and many other markets. They have different types of business areas, such as component technology, elevator technology, industrial solutions and material services, and the steel industry.


Company Profile

KONE was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland. It is an internationally renowned elevator and escalator manufacturer with 33,800 employees and 800 subsidiaries in 60 countries. In addition to the escalator and elevator departments, the manufacturer also manufactures and repairs moving walks, automatic doors, and gates. The manufacturer provides local services to builders, developers, owners, designers, and architects in 1,000 offices in more than 50 countries. They will provide installation services, manufacturing and maintenance to increase the value of the building and provide a good life cycle. They provide smart solutions for high-rise buildings.

Schindler Group

Company Profile

Schindler Group is a global leader in the manufacturing of escalators, moving walks and elevators worldwide. The manufacturer was founded in Switzerland in 1874, has operations in more than 140 countries, and has more than 58,000 employees worldwide. The manufacturer has production facilities in the United States and Switzerland, as well as Spain, Slovakia and China. Schindler is one of the well-known manufacturers and one of the first manufacturers to develop solutions to help maintain the hygiene and safety of elevators and escalators.


Company Profile

Kleemann is a global construction industry that provides elevator services and moving walk services. Their headquarters is located in Likis, Greece. They provide high-level escalators and elevators for all types of buildings, and their elevators can load up to 30 tons or more. Their elevator solutions are cost-effective solutions, and they are also ready to develop ideal products.

Tecno Elevator

Company Profile

TECNO is a registered company located in Itlay. The special feature of their escalator is that it provides a wide range of solutions for the market, enabling the company to install the most suitable installation method according to the customer’s specific structure and operational requirements. It is located in Italy, and its headquarters and branch companies ensure sales and technical assistance, involving the installation of elevators, escalators and moving walks in new buildings, as well as the maintenance and modernization of existing solutions.

Hosting Elevator

Company Profile

Hosting Elevator is the first echelon elevator brand in China. Founded in 1993, it is one of the top ten elevator brands in China, providing high-quality escalators all over the world. With a huge production base, it can accept customized production and provide modern elevator services. Hosting Elevator’s products cover a wide range, comprehensiveness, and excellent technology. The quality of various elevator products meets the strict standards of many countries in the world. Hosting Elevator always follows market demand and wins the trust of global users with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

The above is the list of seven excellent escalator manufacturers in the world. If you are looking for a suitable escalator manufacturer to cooperate, you can refer to the above manufacturers.

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